We tried getting into the Pilchuck headwaters yesterday to no avail. Roads were washed out and gates were locked. We did see a number of landslides on the Sultan Basin Road heading up to Olney Pass. These landslides bare the mark of a large rainstorm event and almost certainly moved during the January 7-8th, 2009 storm event

Sultan Basin Road Landslides

Sultan Basin Road Landslides

The picture has a backdrop of 2003(? I think it was later than that) Snohomish County LiDAR.

The most interesting of these landslides is a debris avalanche at the bridge crossing at Olney Creek. It was probably dealt a one-two punch, the swollen Olney Creek was probably eating away at the bank (and probably has been for years) and the saturated ground allowed enough driving forces to overcome the resistive forces. It also moved a good amount of timber into the creek, which might cause a problem down the road by creating a debris dam behind the bridge.

Sultan Basin Rd Debris Avalanche.  Photo by Carol Serdar

Sultan Basin Rd Debris Avalanche. Photo by Carol Serdar