Active Deep-Seated Landslide Map

May 13, 2009

I am often puzzled by what information has never been put together before. I met with the Emergency Management Division today to discuss how we can better communicate landslide information to each other, among other things. Before the meeting started, I wondered what information might be most useful to these individuals I was meeting with and thought, well, an active DSLS map might help open their eyes. Well, it would have, if that information existed. I looked at our landslide database and found that it wasn’t so easy to pluck out the active landslides or even the better known landslides. So, I entered a new attribute that should show up during the next update for Landslide Name (attribute code: NAME), so someone could look up a well known landslide. I was also surprised to find so many of the well known landslides have never been added to the database. I was struggling to find the locations of a few of these landslides, such as the Everson Landslide that occurred on February 8th, 1997. That landslide impacted a natural gas line, resulting in a large explosion. Luckily, no deaths were reported (I could see a heart attack from this event).

Active or Recent Deep-Seated Landslide Map, Washington State

Active or Recent Deep-Seated Landslide Map, Washington State

The map doesn’t include a legend (or scale for that matter). The deep-seated landslides that are active or recent are highlighted in blue. The red polygons are landslides that are in the database, but are either shallow or landslides that are not active or recent.

So, I have decided to put together a active deep-seated landslide file and hope to cover most of the well known landslides we all know and love.


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