Compliance with Forest Practice Rules

April 28, 2009

Yesterday, DNR released a report on how public and private lands complied with forest practice rules. The report can be downloaded here.
Compliance was at about 87% for road and road activities and 75% for other forestry related activities (for example, logging), focusing on areas adjacent to streams. When I was in school, 75% was never a good grade. On page 43 of the report, the biggest number of non-compliant Forest Practice Applications (FPA) found were located in Pacific Cascade Region and to a lesser extent, Northeast Region. A closer view of Pacific Cascade Region can be viewed on page 36-37.

So, how does this relate to landslides? SW Washington is probably one of the most unstable areas in Washington State. Continental glaciers buried or carved most of the Puget Sound basin, which in many respects, reset the weathering depth within that area. In the SW, no large continental glaciers have carved and buried the land, resulting deep-weathering and increased instability. Plus, we have had two consecutive years of strong storms impacting western Washington. In both storms, Lewis County and in general, SW Washington, has been devastated by landslides. It would be interesting to see if these non-compliant FPA’s resulted or triggered a landslide.

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